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Birthday parties


Birthday Parties @ Clockwork Gamer:


Themes:              Board Games     *              Role Playing Games            *              Magic the Gathering


Times:  Saturday 2 hour time slots from 11 AM – 6 PM & Sunday 2 hour time slots from 12 PM – 4 PM

                                                                 Weekdays upon request


Cost: $175 (<10) +$5 per person over 10 guests


Package Includes:       *Dedicated Game Master          *Materials (cards or games)

                                    *Big screen TV                            *Cake, Pizza & Soft drinks

                                    *Birthday gift


Party Favor Options:   *Gift cards     *Comic books      *Card packs      *Green screen photographs


Amenities:                   *Bright & clean gaming area       *Personalized music choices

                                    *Access to the retail store        *Big screen TV for pictures, movies or slide shows