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Area 51 Presents: The 2015 Dragon Ball Z TCG Texas Regionals

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DBZ 2015 November Regional Entry $20
Area 51 Games and Collectibles is proud to be one of the twelve hosts of the 2015 Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG Regional tournaments. Join us on November 7th to compete for thousands of dollars, exclusive promos, Area 51-exclusive Top 8 playmats, and of course, entry into the DBZ TCG 2015 World Championship!


We hope you find all the information you need on this page – if you need info about the tournaments, where to stay, what to do, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Try the handy links above to quickly find exactly what you need to know! If you have any more questions or believe that some info is missing, please give us a call (817-416-2595)and we’d be happy to help!

Friday, November 6th – Regionals Warmup Tournament

Time:   Entry Fee:   Format:
7:00 PM   $15.00   Constructed

Join us and test your last minute deck changes at our Regionals Warmup Tournament the night before the main event! The top 4 of this event all score an Ultra Rare card from the first two sets of the game – Heroic Energy Sphere to first place, Villainous Visage to second, and the third and fourth place contenders will get to select between one Villainous Empowerment and one Heroic Assistance(higher position chooses first).

In addition, first place will also score a booster box of The Evolution Collection, and more packs will be given out as dictated by the structure in the image below. Promos will be given to all participants as well based on what is available at the time.

 We will hold the warmup at our store in Grapevine TX:

Check out our facebook page for new updates this week:

Click HERE to go directly to main facebook page or check it out by clicking the picture below,


Note: The prize support image is from Paradox Games and Comics. They did an awsome job desighning the prize support structure for the Regionals and we are going to follow their example. The only change is the release of the Evolution collection and our prize pool will reflect that.





Click  image to see full size!


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Saturday, November 7 – 2015 Texas DBZ TCG Regionals

Registration:   Round One Begins at:   Entry Fee:   Format:
9-10 AM   10:15 AM   $20.00   Constructed

This is it! Bring your best deck and compete for massive prizes – $2,000 in cash for the top 8, Regionals-exclusive top-cut promos, Area 51-exclusive Top 8 playmats, Booster boxes, and of course the invite to DBZ TCG Worlds to the finalists!

All players who attend the event will be given one each of the three Regionals participation promos (while supplies last) – Saiyan Outrage, Orange Possession Drill, and Wall Breaker. Players can pre-register for the event at any time. Players who pre-register will have their participation promos held for them, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Players who reach top 64 (and above) receive a payout of booster packs (detailed below). Players who make the Top Cut (estimated at 16) will also receive a playset (3x copies each) of promos Withering Fire and Black Enraged Assault. Top 8 players will receive a cash payout, a full booster box of The Evolution Collection and the prize we might be the most excited about – a Area 51-exclusive custom playmat commemorating their achievement (picture to come when it is desighned). Finally, the top 2 players will be awarded invites to the DBZ TCG World Championship, being held in Texas this December, where players can compete for an $18,000 prize purse and receive unique and valuable promo rewards. So make sure the TexasRegional is one of your stops and get in on the fun!

From 9:00 to 10:00 AM, Area 51 employees will be at the convention center to take registration and allow players the chance to fill out decklists and prepare for the tournament. At 10:00 AM, we will be seating players and making announcements, so be sure to be here and ready before then! At 10:15 AM, Round one will begin. Decklists are required for this event, and we will post a decklist document here as soon as one is available so that players can come prepared.

The event will be played over a number of rounds based on attendance. This is a Regional level competitive event and the rules of the game will be enforced appropriately. For more information on the tournament rules, please see the Panini DBZ Tournament Guide.

The full prize payout is listed below. In addition, any player who plays all of the rounds of the tournament and does not place for prizes will be awarded 1 booster pack.


Note: As before, The prize support image is from Paradox Games and Comics. They did an awsome job desighning the prize support structure for the Regionals and we are going to follow their example. The only change is the release of the Evolution collection and our prize pool will reflect that. We will also be designing our own playmats.





Streaming & Vending

We are totally committed to making this tournament a memorable event. Part of that includes covering the day with live streaming. We are in talks with a firm to handle the live streaming and will update as soon as we have the details worked out. We will do our best to make the stream as professional and entertaining to watch as we can!

We will also have a vendor on site to help you when you need to pick up the last few cards for your deck – or just some more foils to bling it out! They will be buying and selling cards all day, so make sure to stop in and check out what they have! The Vender is Miniature Exchange!


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Regionals Side Events

In addition to the main event, we are offering two different types of side events throughout the day on Saturday – A $250 Money Madness cash event, and unlimited Win-a-Box 8-player single elimination tournaments. The details of these events are listed below!
$250 Money Madness

Registration:   Start Time:   Entry Fee:   Format:
2-4 PM   4:00 PM   $15.00   Constructed

This event is perfect for those players who have lost a few rounds and their chance to cash out – here’s your second chance! The basic payout is $125 to first place, $75 to second place, and $25 each to third and fourth place. This event will not begin unless 16+ people have signed up for it. However, additional prizes may be added with more players!


Unlimited 8-Player Win-a-Box

Registration:   Start Time:   Entry Fee:   Format:
12:00 Noon+   When Pod Fills   $10.00   Constructed

Starting at noon, signup sheets will be available for 8 player “pod” Constructed Win-a-Box tournaments. These events are single-elimination events, so once you lose one round, you are out! First place receives a full booster box of The Evolution Collection (or a box of their choosing, while supplies last), and 2nd-4th place will be awarded a Wall Breaker, Saiyan Outrage, or Orange Possession Drill promo at random (while supplies last).

Each time a pod fills, a new sign-up will be available. These events are only limited by our supply of Boxes, so play in as many as you like! 

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We know you might be worried about traveling  here in the Texas DFW metroplex – don't they all speed and drive super big trucks? For the most part that is true.
Getting Around
Transportation options like Molly the Trolley, a free downtown shuttle make getting around Fort Worth easy. … More
Our regional will be held at the Fort Worth Convention center, a 15 minute drive from our store. Here is info for both our store and the center.


(817) 392-6338

- The Fort Worth Convention Center spans 14 blocks of the city's Central Business District. The Convention Center hosts a wide range of events including: conventions, conferences, corporate meetings, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, banquets ... More



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Eat like a Saiyan at Downtown Favorites

Featured Restaurants


Things to do in Downtown Fort Worth and Grapevine

Area 51 is just one of a great selection of unique shops, bars, and cafes in downtown Fargo. If you are looking to explore the city and find more to do, this website and this website has got all the information you need. 
Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra - Let's Tango!
Bass Performance Hall-Maddox-Muse Complex
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Pre-register by Phone

We are available to take registrations on the phone during our normal business hours (817-416-2595). Pre-registration does require paying in advance to lock in your spot, and you may pre-register for either or both the Regionals Warmup Tournament and the Regional itself. We can take payment over the phone by credit card only.


Pre-register on the Web

You can sign up right here, right now! Registration is available online for the main Regional tournament. Use the form below to get registered!
NOTE: Your Paypal information will be used to reserve your spot. Please ensure that your information is correct. We apologize for any inconvenience!








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