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The Basics:

Weekly events:

Monday- MtG Commander 7pm
MtG Modern 7:30pm

Tuesday-Tuesday night MtG Standard 7:00pm
Warmachine 7:00pm

Conquest LCG 7:00pm

Game of Thrones LCG 7:00pm


Wednesday- MTG Draft pods 7pm

Thursday- Open Play

Friday- FNM 7pm
Commander Pods- MtG 7pm
Warhammer Open Play

Saturday- Pathfinder Game(3pm set up) 4pm play
(for beginners)
Pokemon casual play 5pm
MtG Two Headed Giant 7pm


Sunday- Force of Will 12:30pm
Dragonball Z 1pm


Also there will be monthly and weekly games. There will be a weekly Warhammer 40k campaign where you can plan your game anytime during the week that works for you. On the Second Saturday of the month there will be Dropzone commander.

NOTE: Every day is open play!

You can use the tables anytime for a game. Groups are welcome as well. If you want to run some Pathfinder, throw down with some Magic, or spark up a board game. You are always welcome. Turn the gears of Gaming.