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Warhammer 40K Campaign

Area 51 GAC

Warhammer 40k Campaign

  1. Follow all Area 51 store rules

  2. Be kind and friendly to each opponent

  3. Every game must be played at Area 51

    1. Each game must be played on a specific campaign table

    2. If a campaign table is not available at the time of you wanting to play your game ask an Area 51 employee for assistance.

  4. All models must be Games Workshop models absolutely no proxies.

  5. You are required to follow the restrictions laid out on the campaign sheets.

    1. Your opponents will hold you accountable for this.

  6. The formations are the basis of your army and must be followed.

    1. That being said any choice to add more or less men to a squad or give them more or less equipment can change in between each game.

  7. You can play one games per week for this campaign in order to earn points and report it using the google docs link at the bottom of this page.

    1. A win is worth 2 points

    2. A loss is worth 1 point

    3. A tie is worth 1 point to each player

    4. You can not play against the same opponent twice for points during the game week.

  8. Before each campaign game you will need to check out a campaign packet from an Area 51 employee. At the end of your game you will need to return it. These campaign packets will only contain information about that week's portion of the campaign. As well as a score page, it is not necessary for you to fill out the score page and the google docs form.

Google Docs Form: http://tinyurl.com/krv7y9nPlease fill out your responses right after your game. If there is an issue let an Area 51 staff member know


STEALTH (RUINS) - A model or unit with this special rule receives the Stealth special rule while inside Ruins. This nets a 3+ cover save before other modifiers.

Tyranids - A Tyranid player may take an additional Elite in place of a vehicle.

Scions - A Scion player may take a command squad as an Elite choice.

PAINTING STAGES - A unit with this special rules gains the Preferred Enemy (STAGES) special rule.

  • A unit only gains Preferred Enemy against an enemy unit of a lower STAGE.

  • A unit never gains Preferred Enemy against enemy unit of the same STAGE.

  • A unit never gains Preferred Enemy against an enemy unit of a higher STAGE.

  • A unit that is 2 STAGES above an enemy unit gains Preferred Enemy and Hatred (Challenges) when attacking that unit.

MONOTONOUS DISGUISE  - A model with this special rule may reroll cover saves of 1 when being fired at by a STAGE 3 unit.

*Note: If playing Codex: Harlequins as your main force, you may nominate a Solitaire or Shadowseer as your HQ.


The key focus of a Journeyman league is to help grow an army for new players as well as grow new armies for veteran players. A major part of a journeyman league is having your models painted and ready to go for your games. There is no greater feeling than having painted models on the table, no matter what your painting skill is. A terribly painted model is always prettier than a grey plastic model!

In order to help players put nice cohesive forces on the table, we are including a STAGES game mechanic to help encourage players to begin painting their armies. Painting your army is entirely optional and is not a requirement by any means. However, we do want to reward those who do take the time to put love into their army. Painting your army will give them bonuses in game. It could make you or break you!



All models in the game will fall under one of the three stages based on it’s painting progress. Bare, Work in Progress, Complete. Each category has specific guidelines and rules for how or why a unit is placed under that category.

A models category must be determined by both players before the game begins. Please take a few seconds to present your models and come to an agreement as to what category your unit falls under. Once a unit has been agreed upon, it may not be changed for the duration of the battle.

Be fair, be kind, use common sense, and most importantly  DON’T BE THAT GUY.  The painting portion of the league is to encourage, not discourage.

STAGE 1 - BARE MODELS - A model is considered a BARE MODEL if it is built but Unprimed, Primed or less than 3 colors. If a unit is considered BARE, it is considered STAGE 1.

STAGE 2 - WORK IN PROGRESS MODELS (WIP MODELS) - A model is considered a WIP MODEL if it has at least 3 colors on it but is unfinished. If it is clear that the player has start putting some work into a model or unit but the models themselves are not finished. If a unit is considered WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP), it is considered STAGE 2.

STAGE 3 - COMPLETE MODELS - A model is considered complete when all areas of the model are painted, the model is painted in at least 3 distinguishable colors. If a model is considered COMPLETE, it is considered STAGE 3.


  • If a single model from a unit is a lower stage than the rest of the unit, the entire unit receives the lower stage category.

EXAMPLE - A unit of Tactical Marines are STAGE 2 but the Sergeant is STAGE 1, the entire unit becomes STAGE 1.

  • If a single model from a unit has a higher stage than the rest of the unit, the unit still falls under the lower stage. All models in the unit must be at the same stage in order to progress the unit to the next stage.

EXAMPLE -  A unit of Ork Boyz are STAGE 1 but the Nob is STAGE 2, the entire unit remains STAGE 1.


  • HQ’s are not considered part of another unit for purposes determining STAGES. HQ”s maintain their current stage no matter what unit they are in.

    • If an HQ of a higher stage joins a unit of a lower stage, the HQ does not lend the unit the higher stage rules but still maintains it’s current stage of rules.

    • If an HQ of a lower stage joins a unit of a higher stage, the HQ does not reduce the stage of the unit it joined and still maintains its current stage of rules. In addition, the higher stage unit does not lend it’s stage rules to the HQ.


  • Dedicated Transports are not considered part of a unit for the purposes of determining STAGES.  


EXAMPLE - A unit of STAGE 2 Chaos Space Marine Havocs declare shooting against a STAGE 3 Striking Scorpion unit embarked inside a STAGE 1 Wave Serpent. The Havoc squad would technically be firing against the STAGE 1 Wave Serpent and would therefore receive the Preferred Enemy (STAGES) special rule against the Wave Serpent.